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Are you tired of spending hours styling your hair in the morning?

No morewasted hours spent detangling, drying and straightening your hair every morning.

Discoverthe best product that allows you to style your hair quickly and withprofessional quality .

To get beautiful, smooth and shiny hair, it is no longer necessary to go to a hairdresser! There is the MY HAIR brush that allows you to easily style your hair and make it beautiful and shiny thanks to the ionic technology it incorporates.


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Our 3-in-1 brush is a real revolution in the world of hairdressing.

Do you spend too much time styling your hair without getting the desired result? Does it take forever to get your hair done after shampooing?

No more time wasted every morning, thanks to MY HAIR, you can easily achieve the blow-dry of your dreams in record time.

It allows you to style your hair twice as fast while taking care of your hair and guarantees you a professional hairstyle every morning without any effort.

This allows you to dry, brush and most importantly straighten your hair in one step, saving you three times more time!
Getting a perfect professional style in 5 minutes has never been easier with the MY-HAIR brush.



With its ceramic coating and ionic technology, this heated straightening brush offers frizz-free and mirror-like results to your hair.


S-mart airflow system
its Smart Airflow System allows a perfect distribution of air on each strand for an optimal drying, more efficient and respectful of your hair. 
It has 3 temperature settings and an air speed setting to save you time.
Different drying mode to avoid burning your hair but to take care of it and keep it well disciplined throughout the day.

              The advantages

✔ 3 adjustable temperature levels
✔ Ionic anti-static technology
✔ Fast drying and blow drying
✔ 360° swivel cable without knots
✔ Mixed bristles for easy and perfect detangling
✔ Ergonomic handle for a better grip
✔ Easy to carry

What are the capabilities of the new MY HAIR brush?

Our new brush is a revolution. With the MY HAIR brush, besides brushing your hair, you can also dry, straighten and curl your hair.

The MY HAIR brush allows you to save time to style your hair in the morning or at any time of the day.

Our brush is designed in every detail, from the ergonomic handle to the power cord that rotates 360° to avoid annoying tangles.

We've equipped our brush with a self-regulating temperature control system to prevent unexpected burns.It incorporates ionic technology.

What is ionic technology?

The ionic technology allows to produce in an artificial way negative ions which will counter the positive ions naturally present in the hair at high temperature.

The hair strands are then naturally better connected to each other, resulting in a clean, disciplined result with no flyaways. Thanks to this process, the hair is softer, smoother and more beautiful.